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One of a Kind for Home(OOAKforHOME) has a passion for selling unique, one of a kind products for the home! We are located in Atlanta, GA and have been at our location for about 8 years. 

While we focus mainly on pet products, we have in total 4 different product lines: One of A Kind, Cabinet, Pet Product, and Touch Beauty Product.

As pet owners ourselves, we know how important it is to provide practical and durable furniture that bring no harm to our pets' health.  For cats, we featured a selection of cat trees that, unlike traditional carpeted finished, made mostly of wood.  The smooth surface and design not only has the same attractiveness as the carpeted cat trees, it also have several other substantial advantages:

1. Fallen hair from cats can be seen and cleaned off easily to reduce allergies

2. Dirt and stain can be wiped clean easily to prevent mold effectively

3. Removable cushions can be cleaned in the washing machine easily 

4. Wood material makes it a long lasting investment that withstands cats' fierce playing, jumping and scratching.

5. Stylish design and clean color combination is harmonious with modern house interiors.

 For dogs, we have feeders made of quality wood that has stable base and have different heights to fit different size of dogs.  A handful of colorful beds and dog crate are also available. 


In our One of A Kind collection, our goal is to sell unique products that are both aesthetically appealing and of high quality.  In this season's collection, our sales team went to Yingge, a town located in Taiwan that is famous for its handmade products.  We visited a lot of local artists there and picked our top favorites to be on our website.  We have incense burners with creative shapes and beautiful color combinations.  They are great for holding incense and adding an oriental flare to your house.  Several vases with floral/ animal patterns are also available on OOAKForHome.  To provide you with an exclusive experience, each of our products has only 1 available, making it truly unique that can be found nowhere else in the market.

Being an experienced seller in furniture over the years, OOAKForHome has a deep understanding of needs in home decoration.  After numerous brainstorming and redesigning sessions, we are able to come up with this online exclusive collection that takes into consideration of practical use while maintaining a elegant look.  These simple yet graceful pieces are suitable for a variety of interior designs.  They also come with reliable quality, plus a 1 year replacement parts warranty.      

The popular beauty product supplier, Touch Beauty, also partners with OOAKForHome.  A good selection of technology-based beauty products are on OOAKForHome.  

We care about your shopping experience and strive to provide you the best customer services.  We provide 30-day free return service! Shall you have  any dissatisfaction, contact us and it's our responsibility to exceed your expectations.