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Differences between Ragdoll and Birman


(a Birman)


(a Ragdoll)




At first glance, these two different breeds seem to be very similar.  However, here are some big differences:

  1. Birman was introduced to USA in 1959. Ragdoll was developed in the 1960’s by a breeder, Ann Baker, in California. 
  2. Birman has only one pattern: pointed. Ragdoll have five patterns: bi-color, van, mitted, colorpoint and mink.
  3. Birman is a medium-sized cat. Ragdoll is a large-sized cat.  In fact, ragdoll is one of the largest domestic cats existed.
  4. Ragdolls have the tendency to go limp when picked up, a character that’s not inherent to Birmans.

However, despite of differences mentioned above, they are equally loving, affectionate and intelligent. 

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