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Here are some frequently asked questions in regards to cats.



Does your cat like to be hugged?
The simple answer is no.  Cats used to live in the wild.  Hugged by a bigger animal usually means it is hunt down and about to be eaten.  What is the first reaction of being stressed? For us mammals, it is freeze, fight or  flight.  That’s why most of the time when you hug a cat, it freezes a little bit, tries to push you or bite you and run away.  It is not a sign that it doesn’t like you.  It just an instinctive act to protect itself. 

How long do cats sleep?
They sleep between 12 and 16 hours a day.
What time are cats most active?
Cats are crepuscular animals, meaning they are active during dawn and dusk.


Why do cats sleep with their owners?
It’s a way of them showing their trust.  Plus, it’s comfortable and cozy in the bed with all the blankets. 
Do cats sleep deeply?
Yes, cats experience both REM(rapid eye movement) and Non-REM sleep.  It can go deep in sleep, which lasts about 5 mins. 

Good human food to share with cats?
Salmon, cooked eggs and chicken are good source of protein.  You can feed them fruits like blueberries,  apples and bananas.  Spinach, carrots, broccoli, green beans are also good to share with cats.


Do cats recognize their owners?
Yes, cats recognize their owners through scent, touch or sound.
Can cats sense human emotions?
Research shows that cats can distinguish sadness and happiness.  They tend to have more positive behaviors like purring, playing or rubbing around when their owners are in good mood.
Are cats loyal?
Cats are loyal to their owners.  However, cats are loyal to owners because they want to not because they have to.  They are relatives of large cats (ex. Tigers, lions) which are the leaders of themselves.  Therefore, they never have the need to be obedient.  Cats listen to you and are loyal to you simply because they love you. 









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