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Body Languages of Cats

Cats can't talk like human but they are effective communicators with different body languages to express their feelings.  Paying attention to these signals can help you understand your cats better.  



1. Peering over the shoulder: interested 

2. Straightened tail with bend tip: friendly

3. Sitting up straight with tail wrapped to front: attentive

4. Lying down on the side body: relaxed

5. Lying on the back and exposing tummy: trusting

6. Sleeping with one arm out: content

7. Ears pointing at different direction: alerted or conflicted

8. Standing up to reach: playful

9. Scratching: excited 

10. Rubbing its body: marking territories

11. Floppy ears and low tail: anxious and insecure

12. Crawling on floor: predatory 

13. Tucked body and tail: worried

14. Tucked body and flattened ears: frightened

15. Loud meowing, tucked body and flattened ears: threatened

15. Arched back and floppy ears: terrified

16. Loud meowing, arched back and flattened ears: super terrified

17. Wiggling tails: irritated

18.Rejection of food: disgusted  



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